The State of Wyoming provides competitive wage and benefit plans to our employees.  Below is a summary of our benefit package.*  If you should have any questions please contact our office

* NOTE:  There are benefit exceptions for specific classifications which include, but are not limited to, the following:  ATTP99, AWEC99, ATAW99/ATAW10, EXMT01-08, EXOF01-05, GOAS01-04 or classified at-will.  Please contact an agency Human Resource representative of the recruiting agency for additional information or clarification.  


  • For information on wages as they relate to a position please click here.


  • As a State of Wyoming employee you will earn annual leave based on the number of months you have been employed by the state:

     Number of Months Employed  Hours Earned Each Month
     1 - 48 months  8 hrs per mo (12 days per yr)
     49 - 108 months  10 hrs per mo (15 days per yr)
     109 - 168 months  12 hrs per mo (18 days per yr)
     169 - 228 months  14 hrs per mo (21 days per yr)
     over 229 months  16 hrs per mo (24 days per yr)



  • Eight hours per month (12 days per year) for 160 hours per month worked with unlimited accumulation.


  • The State employee’s retirement program includes both the benefits of the Wyoming Retirement System and Social Security System. 
  • An employee becomes fully vested upon completion of four years of service.
  • Early withdrawal of retirement funds results in forfeiture of employer matching contributions and interest on employer contributions. 
  • As of the 2012 legislative session a "second tier" (Tier 2) of benefits for members of the Public Employee Pension was created.  The benefits for both tiers are as follows: 



Current Members Hired on or Before 8/31/2012 (with a contribution for August)


New Members Hired on or After 9/1/2012 


 2.125 % for first 15 years and 2.25% for years above 15

 2% for all years

Highest Average Salary

 3 year highest average salary

 5 year highest average salary

 Retirement Age

 Age 60 or Rule of 85*

 Age 65 or Rule of 85*

*Wyoming has the "85 Year Rule" in place for full retirement qualification ‐‐ your age plus your years of service must equal 85 to qualify for full benefits upon early retirement.

  • For more detailed information on the State retirement benefits please contact Wyoming Retirement System at or Wyoming Retirement System, 6101 Yellowstone Road, Suite 500, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002  (307) 777-7691.


  • State pays roughly 85% towards the employees elected health, dental and life insurance monthly.
  • For full detail of insurance click here.
  • All plans have an initial deductible; the State Health Plan pays in‐network and in‐state providers for covered medical expenses at 80 or 85 percent. This amount may be less, if care is received from an out‐of‐state non‐network provider.
  • A new employee and their dependents have 31 days from date of eligibility to enroll.
  • Coverage begins on the first day of the month following employment.
  • Various deductibles are available.  
  • The State also offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) option. An HSA is like an IRA for medical care and requires a great deal of thought before electing to participate due to the restrictions and limitations. There are, however, some very attractive aspects to this option for certain individuals. If you think you may be interested, please request additional information on this option.



  • Term Life insurance and AD&D coverage is available. Cost increases with age.
  • The death benefit is $50,000 through age 59 and declines afterwards.
  • Term Life coverage is available for Dependants.
  • Additional life insurance is available through the State Retirement System plan. Group term costs $16.00 per month.


  • The state provides a voluntary deferred compensation plan which works somewhat like an IRA.  Withdrawal is triggered by termination of employment or retirement. All contributions are tax deferred until the time of withdrawal.  This is an employee-funded plan; there is no contribution by the state. 
  • Presently, the State of Wyoming contributes $20 per month to employees enrolled in the Deferred Compensation Program.


  • State employees may be covered by the Delta Dental Plan.
  • There are two dental plans available. The preventive is required with the health plan. The optional dental plan, which provides coverage for restorations and etc., is voluntary.


  • Flexible Spending Account allows you to pay for eligible medical insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis, and
  • Medical Reimbursement Accounts: money from earnings can be set aside, on a pre-tax basis, to pay eligible medical expenses.
  • Dependent Day Care Reimbursement Account: money from earnings can be set aside, on a pre-tax basis, to pay for eligible dependent care expenses.


  •  Longevity pay of $40 per month after completion of each five years of continuous service.


Automatic payroll deposit is available.

Federal Credit Union is available.

Several credit union memberships are available to employees.