Employee HR Resources

Latest Update on PMI

The Wyoming Performance Management Instrument (PMI) is a process used to recognize the professionalism of the employees of the State of Wyoming.
For more information on the Performance Management Instrument (PMI) click here.

Highlighted State Jobs

Performance Management Initiative (PMI) System Development

Information on the Wyoming PMI system development.

Classification and Compensation

Information regarding classification and compensation including FAQs, Class Specs and the Compensation Committee.

Personnel Rules

State of Wyoming Personnel Rules Documents.

Policies and Procedures

State of Wyoming Personnel Procedures

Special Projects

Information on each special project that the Human Resources Division is working on.


Summary of Benefits offered to State of Wyoming employees.

Payroll Services

Payroll approval, adjustment, prior services and code documents.

Grievances and Appeals

Information pertaining to grievance, appeals and mediation process.


Human Resource Division publications such as the Workforce Reports.