About the State of Wyoming A&I Human Resources Division


The Human Resource Division is a team of dedicated, accountable, progressive professionals who are committed to fostering a work environment that provides open communication, innovative ideas and solutions for meeting the ever changing needs of the customer.


To partner with our customers by providing guidance, resources and leadership which will assist in meeting objectives.

A&I Human Resources Division

Statutory Authority
W.S. 9-2-1002, 9-2-1019, 9-2-1022, 9-3-1034, 9-3-205
The Human Resource Division's statutory responsibilities can be classified in the following areas: Provide for personnel hearings, support to the compensation commission, establish, administer and promulgate reasonable rules for personnel classification systems, compensation plans, applicant selection and recruitment systems, and performance appraisal systems.
The Human Resources Division (HRD) offers assistance to the Executive Branch Agencies, the Legislative Service Office, the University of Wyoming, Community Colleges and the Citizens of Wyoming. Twenty-two full time positions carry out their part of the strategies, which involve hearings, grievances, state and federal employment law interpretation, record retention, rule interpretations, personnel database entry, position control, selection, recruitment, training, pay determination, position classification, group insurance plans, and other benefits provided through the State Personnel Rules.
The Human Resource Division is working closely with all state agencies to develop and implement an Employee Development System which incorporates work force planning and a competency based performance appraisal system. This process will involve agencies identifying the skill sets needed to meet the needs of their customers and then working with employees to ensure they have the skills needed to meet requirements of the job. This process, along with the compensation plan, will assist the Division in addressing the issue of turnover in state government. One of the goals is to decrease turnover in state government by being able to better position employees to be successful in their jobs and paying them competitively.
The Human Resource Division develops and maintains a state wide selection process that aims to provide the highest qualified individuals to meet the needs of the state agencies. Also, assistance is provided to agency managers, employees and applicants in ensuring compliance with numerous state and federal legal and administrative requirements (EEO, FLSA, ADA, etc.). The section maintains a performance appraisal system for the Executive Branch agencies.
The Human Resource Division defines job knowledge, skills and abilities required by state jobs for relevant recruitment, classification, training and development. It also administers a mechanism for movement within each pay grade, in conjunction with the Compensation Commission; evaluates and defines job parameters, performance measures and pay according to market; surveys a relevant labor market that represents public and private sector employers; and maintains a competitive posture with other states and public entities on benefits available and costs to the state. This is accomplished through completion of annual benefits surveys and promulgation of rules pertaining to employee benefits.

Employees' Group Insurance

Statutory Authority
W.S. 9-3-201
Employees' Group Insurance (EGI) functions involve employee communication, rule interpretations, flexible benefit plan administration, data entry, benefits maintenance, grievances, hearings, state and federal law interpretation, and record retention. Nine full time positions carry out their part of the each of these functions.
EGI maintains a state wide communication process that educates customers about eligibility, benefits, and guidelines. Assistance is provided to employees, benefit specialists, and agency managers in ensuring compliance with the numerous summary plan descriptions.