Employees' Group Insurance

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Employees’ Group Insurance is committed to providing superior customer service with courteous, competent, and consistent communication. We are proactive in informing and educating our customers to our mutual benefit.


To provide our members competitive benefits designed for choice and cost effectiveness; superior administration and promotion of healthy lifestyles.  

EGI Staff

Ralph Hayes

Program Manager
Email: ralph.hayes@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-5440

Pamela Unruh

Assistant Program Manager
Email: pamela.unruh@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-8645

Shirley Gilham

HR Benefits Specialist
Email: shirley.gilham@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-6717

Karyn Williams

Training Coordinator
Email: karyn.williams@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-6714

Kriss Giersch

HR Benefits Specialist
Email: kriss.giersch@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-5484


Phone: 0

April Klahn

HR Benefits Specialist
Email: april.klahn@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-6835

Laura Robertson

Email: laura.robertson1@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-6716

Kathy Simpson

HR Benefits Specialist
Email: kathy.simpson@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-2945

Laura Still

Email: laura.still@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-8639

Deb Vaughan

HR Benefits Specialist
Email: deb.vaughan@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-8646

Tricia Flores

Office Assistant
Email: tricia.flores1@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-8657