Classification Issues

Classification issues will generally fall into one of five levels.  Below is a brief explanation of each level. 

  1. Level 1 Review - Routine 
    1. Vacant position – common position, generally does not require indepth review and analysis.
  2. Level 2 Review - Complex  
    1. Upgrading a position, 
    2. Unique vacant position, 
    3. Small reorganizations.
  3. Level 3 Review - HR Project Post Implementation Issues
    1. Issues which have come to A&I-HRD's attention related to job evaluation of agency employee(s)
  4. Level 4 Review - System Maintenance / Occupational Studies 
    1. For reviewing an entire classification family, or A large agency reorganization.
    2. Priority will be based upon needs identified by the agencies as well as families identified by HRD as critical issues.
    3. HRD will work collaboratively with agencies to identify any issues in the areas of classification, compensation, recruitment, selection or training.
    4. Meeting between HRD and agency HR/Management to discuss the plan and process and gather any necessary data/information.