Classification and Compensation

All class specifications and compensation pay tables can be found at and can be accessed by clicking on the class code and/or pay table you are interested in viewing. If you should have questions regarding a classification and/or compensation please contact the consultant asigned to your agency.

Compensation Policy (Effective 1-1-2015)

 Appendix B - Bonus for Exempt Employees Table (BEE) - Effective July 2015 - June 2016

 2015 Total Compensation


Contains all the information related to the State Employee Compensation Commission.

Market Salary Survey Methodology

This page contains the information regarding market salary surveys methodology.

Classification Process

Process for classification consultative services.

Classification Issues

Three levels of classification issues and an explanation of each level.

Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ)

Job Content Questionnaire forms and information.

Pay Tables and Salary Averages by Classification

Pay Tables and Salary Averages by Classification documents by year.

Employee Review FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding class specs.

Compensation Structure and Policy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the compensation structure and policy.

Executive Branch At-Will Study HB252

Engrossed House Bill No. 0252 required a study of state Executive department positions identifying certain positions as at-will, ...