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Low-Income Energy Assistance Program and Weatherization Program 
Hathaway Building
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Sept. 21, 2009


LIEAP Applications in the Mail, on the Web

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Department of Family Services announced Monday that a new application for the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program and Weatherization Program is in the mail, at DFS field offices, online and soon will be found at senior centers and other places in your town.

LIEAP (pronounced lee-ap) and Weatherization are decades-old programs using federal dollars to help low-income and fixed-income families and elders cover the high costs of home heating and make homes more energy efficient.

“Applications have been mailed to everyone who used LIEAP last year,” DFS LIEAP Program Manager Brenda Ilg said. “The application can be downloaded from the DFS Web site, and we’re mailing applications to people who ask.”

To get an application or learn more about this home heating help, go to DFS’ homepage, and look for the LIEAP and Weatherization for Home Heating link. Paper applications can be requested by calling the LIEAP help line at 1-800-246-4221 or by visiting a local DFS office. Applications are being mailed this week to senior centers throughout the state.

Those who qualify for LIEAP also qualify for the Weatherization Assistance Program. Participants can own or rent their home, it doesn’t matter, but an application is required and income is one factor in qualifying for LIEAP and Weatherization.

LIEAP served more than 13,000 Wyoming households last year, and given the current economic conditions, we think we’ll see at least that many this year,” Ilg said. “We really want elders to apply, and we’re asking adult children to help their parents or neighbors apply for LIEAP.”

The Weatherization Assistance Program benefits from a $10.2 million infusion of American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funding, according to DFS.

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